Use all electronic devices at home and recharge your electric car at the same time.

We Optimize Your Charge

Often the fuse box gets overloaded when your electric car loads and other equipment is switched on. The EV-Optimizer is the solution for this! The EV-Optimizer distributes the available power between your electrical appliances and ensures that the fuse box is never overloaded.

EV optimizer is a device that ensures the optimal use of power. Your power doesn’t go out anymore, because there are no more peaks in electricity usage. What the EV-Optimizer does is charging your car on moments that there is little power used. So for example in your household at night and during the day when no one is at home. As a result, the car charges faster.

All benefits in one place

No overload

Your electricity at home does not get overloaded anymore, resulting in no more hours without power and no hundreds of euros spent to a mechanic.

No annual extra costs

Each household can use up to 25 amp power. The EV Optimizer ensures that you don’t exceed this. You can apply for extra ampere with your energy supplier. But, you’ll have to pay approximately €800 additional costs, annually. With EV Optimizer, you don't have to and it’ll save you a lot of money.

Multiple cars simultaneously

Because the EV Optimizer chooses the best charging moments by itself, you can even have multiple cars charging. This is possible for up to 20 charging stations, thus making the EV optimizer very suitable for companies.

How it Works

EV Optimizer ensures that the power does not exceed the 25 amperes limit. The car will not be charging on busy moments but it will be charging much on quiet moments.
The electric cars are made to occasionally charge for a while. The guarantee of the EV-Optimizer is 2 years and lasts for 10 years!

Electric Driving is Green Driving

Electric driving is the greenest way of driving and that gives a nice feeling! Driving electric is durable and good for the environment. Because there are no more peak moments in power consumption, the coal power plants will have to intervene less. So there is more use of renewable energy and there is a lower emission into the air. In addition, EV Optimizer makes sure there is power used on the cheaper moments.

We continue to follow the developments in the EV market. This way we always offer you an excellent product and advice.

For Whom This is Suitable For

The EV-Optimizer is suitable for all electric cars. 

Private usage

Never replace the plugs again. No extra annual fee to solve this peak with the energy supplier.

Business parks

Divide the energy during the day. Without large spikes in usage. For example, if the staff is out lunching.

Office buildings

Charge the company cars during the night, in order to use the energy for other devices during the day.


Divide the energy during the day. Without large spikes in usage. Keep up the same number of amperes. 


 Keep using the same number of amperes while several cars are being charged. No more huge spikes in energy consumption. 

Compact design
and great functionality

EV-Optimizer Enterprice

Same as home and business
N/A Coming Soon
  • Max. twenty charging points
  • Coils up to 500A
  • Price only on request
Early 2021

EV-Optimizer Home

One-time purchase
295* Starting price
  • No monthly fees
  • 2 year warranty
  • Save dynamic load balancing
  • Max. one charging point
Order Now

EV-Optimizer Business

Same as Home
  • Max. six charging points
  • Coils up to 80A
  • Faster charging
  • Coils included
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Adress: De Huchtstraat 13, 1327 EB, Almere
Phonenumber : +31 (0)85 048 0620


Where will the EV-Optimizer be placed ?

The cabinet will be placed in the fuse box. This can be done by one of our partners.

Can I charge multiple cars at the same time ?

Yes, it is possible to use the EV Optimizer for up to 20 charging stations at the same time.

Does it require an internet connection ?

There is no internet needed for the EV-Optimizer. This makes the EV-Optimizer suitable for multiple organisations.

How exactly does it work ?

EV Optimizer ensures that the power does not exceed 25 amperes. The car will not/little be charging on busy moments but it will be charging much on quiet moments.

Who can use it ?

The EV Optimizer is made for individuals, business parks, offices, municipalities and garages to use.

Where can I buy it ?

The EV Optimizer is available to buy from one of our partners.

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